Chef Chris Wishart

Chef Chris Wishart afforded the good fortune to work under chefs that always procured fresh fish, meat, and game. Chris had the opportunity to learn about the importance of buying fresh fish and creating dishes that enhance their natural offering. The same holds true for game and fowl.

Duck has always been a favorite to prepare. Using whole ducks allows for multiple preparations that provide a wide range of flavors and style. Breaking down the entire bird into the major pieces, then rendering all the fat to reserve for making confit from the legs and to use for the cooking other proteins or Frites. Also curing homemade Duck Ham out of the breasts. The Duck livers are the classic choice for making Pate and Terrines, as well.

All varieties of Tuna are abundant in our region and find they way onto every menu that I create. Whether it's with sushi, or Rare Seared as an appetizer with Kim Chee, or Grilled as an entree style filet with Risotto and a Wine Reduction Sauce. Tuna lends itself to every style of cooking around the globe, and is always a favorite with chefs and guests alike.